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When controlling gas flow, volume is your goal. Choosing the right device in the beginning can sometimes be the difference in your application's success or failure and saving money. In the industrial gas or welding industry there are two basic types of flow control devices. Pressures are set and fixed at the factory depending on the flow range desired and the gases are being used. The regulator varies the pressure through a specially drilled or critical orifice usually mounted at the outlet of the regulator. Both the flow gauge and the flow meter found on flowgauge regulators and flowmeter regulators, respectively, indicate how much flow is being delivered.

Orifice Plate Installation Guidelines

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For a DIY griddle project I'm working on I need a propane burner that will heat up the cooking surface, I thought the build of the burner would make a good Instructable. Buying a burner was out of the question as the size and power I require is not available off the shelf. If you need to replace or repair a BBQ burner this might help you as well. But a warning first , playing with propane is dangerous, so if you decide to try this you do so at your own risk and peril. At minimum wear safety glasses, gloves and non-flammable clothing. Also do this in a very well ventilated area, outside or in an open garage, you don't want carbon monoxide poisoning.

Catch Pan (Standard 10")

To overcome the disadvantages of a remote mount installation a DirectMount System is a premier choice. All needed components for such applications are supplied, providing a minimum of installation costs and leading to an easy, safe and efficient method to connect Electronic Flow Measurement Devices resp. Transmitters to an orifice meter. Vibrations on the close coupled hook-up are thereby reduced and therefore additional components like adapter plates can be installed.
As discussed in flow instrumentation: principles and formulas , when there is a flow restriction in a pipe, a differential pressure results which can then be related to the volumetric flow rate through the restriction. The principle of a flow restriction creating a differential pressure is what is used in the orifice meter to measure the flow rate of liquids, steam and gases. The orifice flow meter consists basically of: a A primary device, the orifice plate that creates the flow restriction b A secondary device that measures the differential pressure created by the orifice plate. The orifice plate has a tab or printed label on one side where the specifications for the plate are stamped.
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